How to using font style of HTML

<title>Font Style</title>
<Blink>This is blink style</Blink><br>
<B>This is Bold</B><br>
<CITE>This is Citation style</CITE><br>
<CODE>This is Code style</CODE><br>
<EM>This is Emphasis style</EM><br>
<I>This is Italic style</I><br>
This is Normal style<br>
<S>This is Strikethrough style or This is Strikethrough style

<STRONG>This is Strong style</STRONG><br>
Subscript : H<SUB>2</SUB>SO<SUB>4</SUB><br>
Superscript : a<SUP>2</SUP>+2ab+a<SUP>2</SUP><br>
TT : <TT>It is fixed with from</TT><br>
<U>This is Underline style</U><br>
<VER>This is Variable style</VER><br>

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