object oriented programming concepts


Used of OPP program

  1. Real time System
  2. Simulation and modeling
  3. CIM/CAD/ CAD System
  4. Object oriented database
  5. Hypertext, expertext and hypermedia
  6. Office auto mission system

What is object

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming















Object is a Series block of OPP. OPP programming is a Contact each other interacting object. Every object in attribute and behavior of encapsulation. Every object three feature.

  • Identity
  • State
  • Behavior

One object from another object to identity in order to distinguish. Every object used one identity. e.g.

  • kalam=0937687Kd
  • BKS=367465JHG

Every object is some property which the object needed change to life time. Each object knows how to do it, this is the object behavior