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JavaScript Tutorial

Welcome to JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript is different form of Java language. It is made for creating web page design. Java Script was invented by ECMA international Organization and made by Brendan Eich. The official name of Java Script was ECMA Script. Java Script was prepared by the engineer of Netscape named Brendon Aiak in 1995 that was released in 1996. It was a client side scripting or browser scripting. Java Script is made with 3 elements.

javascript tutorial

javascript tutorial

  1. ECMA Script (It is core function of Java Script).
  2. DOM (Document Object Model-It works with the content of web page).
  3. BOM (Browser Object Model-It works with the browser).

Why do you learn Java Script?

  • You will have to use logic for creating website. You can easily create it with the help of Java Script.
  • It cannot be created update website design without Java Script.
  • The popularity is increasing day by day.
  • You can design dynamic site with Java Script.
  • It is used in different sites as cookies. During the login time we sometimes see a message named remember me. It is done with it.

So it is needed to have deep knowledge for any developer in Java Script. Any function of Java Script is mainly a object. You can keep code in function. Yon can also pass code one place to another like object.

At present the usage field of Java Script.

  • Font and development.
  • Mobile Application.
  • Server Application.
  • Clide Function.

Object oriented programming is a type of computer programming. It is a strong element of programming. It can work with all kinds of browsers. At first HTML & CSS will have to be learned for coping Java Script. If you do not learn them, you must learn them at first.

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