A java program is a potable programming language, this language is a supported of all device.  an applet is a Java program of used web application, which can be downloaded from a remote server and executes inside the web browser of the local machine. All applets import the java.awt package.

This is fast test applet program please type the code and procedure step by step

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
public class FastApplet extends Applet
Font f = new font ("Arial", font. Bold,15);
Public void init()
Public void print(Graphics d)
d.drawString("This is the fast test program", 40,65);

applet program

<h1>Fast Applet</h1>
<Applet code = "FastApplet.class" height=238 width = 477>

<applet> tag attribute width and height of FasrApplet