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Specifies a comment <!–…–>
Specifies the document type <!DOCTYPE>
Specifies an anchor <a>
Specifies an abbreviation <abbr>
Specifies an acronym <acronym>
Specifies an address element <address>
Deprecated. Specifies an applet <applet>
Specifies background music <bgsound>
Specifies big text <big>
Specifies a text which blinks <blink>
Specifies a long quotation <blockquote>
Specifies the body element <body>
Inserts a single line break <br>
Specifies a pushbutton <button>
For making graphics with a script <canvas>
Specifies a table caption <caption>
Deprecated. Specifies centered text <center>
Specifies a citation <cite>
Specifies computer code text <code>
Specifies attributes for table columns <col>
Specifies groups of table columns <colgroup>
Puts a comment in the document <comment>
A list of options for input values <datalist>
Specifies a definition description <dd>
Specifies deleted text <del>
Specifies a definition term <dfn>
Specifies a dialog box or window <dialog>
Deprecated. Specifies a directory list <dir>
Specifies a section in a document <div>
Specifies a definition list <dl>
Specifies a definition term <dt>
Specifies emphasized text <em>
Specifies a containerforanexternal(non- HTML)application  


Specifies afield set <fieldset>
Specifies a ptionfora<figure>element <figcaption>
Specifies self-contained content <figure>
Deprecated. Specifies text font, size, and color  


Specifies a footer for a document or section  


Specifies aform <form>
Specifies a sub window (aframe) <frame>
Specifies a set offrames <frameset>
Specifies header 1 to header6 <h1> to<h6>
Specifies an area inside an image map <area>
Specifies an article <article>
Specifies some content loosely related to the page content. If it is removed, the remaining content still makes sense  


Specifies a sound content <audio>
Specifies bold text <b>
Specifies a base URL for all the links in a page  


Deprecated. Specifies a base font <basefont>
Specifies information about the document <head>
Specifies a header for a document or section  


Specifies a horizontal rule <hr>
Specifies an html document <html>
Specifies italic text <i>
Specifies an inline sub window(frame) <iframe>
Specifies an inline layer <ilayer>
Specifies an image <img>
Specifies an input field <input>
Specifies inserted text <ins>
Deprecated. Specifies a single-line input field  


Specifies keyboard text <kbd>
Generate key information in a form <keygen>
Specifies a label for a form control <label>
Specifies a layer <layer>
Specifies a title in afield set <legend>
Specifies a list item <li>
Specifies a resource reference <link>
Specifies a media resources for media elements, defined inside video or audio elements  


Specifies a section in a document <span>
Deprecated. Specifies strikethrough text <strike>
Specifies strong text <strong>
Specifies a style definition <style>
Specifies subscripted text <sub>
Specifies a summary, caption, or legend for a given<details>  


Specifies superscripted text <sup>
Specifies a table <table>
Specifies a table body <tbody>
Specifies a table cell <td>

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