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Specifies a text area <textarea>
Specifies a table footer <tfoot>
Specifies a table heading <th>
Specifies a table header <thead>
Specifies a date and time<details> <time>
Specifies the document title <title>
Specifies a table row <tr>
Specifies      a      text      tracks      used      in media players  


Specifies teletype text <tt>
Deprecated. Specifies underlined text <u>
Specifies an unordered list <ul>
Specifies a variable <var>
Specifies a text tracks used in media players  


Indicates a potential word break point within a <nobr>section  


Deprecated. Specifies preformatted text <xmp>
Specifies the direction of text display <bdo>
Represents text that must be isolated from its surrounding for bidirectional text formatting. It allows embedding a span of text with a different, or unknown, directionality  




Specifies the main or important content in the document. There is only one element in the document  


Specifies an image map <map>
Specifies a text highlighted for reference purposes, that is for its relevance in an other context  


Creates a scrolling-text marquee <marquee>
Deprecated. Specifies a menu list <menu>
Specifies a command/menu item that the user can invoke from a popup menu  


Specifies meta data of an html document which is not displayed on the page  


Specifies a scalar measurement within a known range (a gauge)  


Specifies a multicolumn text flow <multicol>
Specifies a section that contains only navigate on links  


No breaks allowed in the enclosed text <nobr>
Specifies content to be presented by browsers                   that     do    not     support     the




Specifies a no frame section <noframes>
Specifies a no script section <noscript>
Specifies an embedded object <object>
Specifies an ruby annotation <ruby>
Deprecated. Specifies strikethrough text <s>
Specifies sample computer code <samp>
Specifies a script <script>
Specifies a section in a document <section>
Specifies a selectable list <select>
Specifies a whitespace <spacer>
Specifies small text <small>
Specifies an ordered list <ol>
Specifies an option group <optgroup>
Specifies an option in a drop-down list <option>
Specifies the result of a calculation <output>
Specifies a paragraph <p>
Specifies a parameter for an object <param>
Specifies a short quotation <q>
Specifies to show browsers that do not support the ruby element  


Deprecated. Render the remainder of the document as preformatted plaintext <plaintext>
Specifies preformatted text <pre>
Specifies a completion progress of a task <progress>

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